The following materials are available to download and provide further information about IMCIVREE. This section will be updated as new materials become available.
Materials intended for HCPs
The following resources are available as part of the Getting Started Kit to support people prescribed IMCIVREE throughout their treatment. Please contact Rhythm at if you require copies of these materials:
Materials intended for patients
Your guide to getting started
An informative guide covering everything there is to know about starting treatment with IMCIVREE
How to inject IMCIVREE guide
A step-by-step guide outlining how to give an IMCIVREE injection
IMCIVREE treatment journal
A useful journal to help people prescribed IMCIVREE track their treatment and make notes of things they wish to discuss with their healthcare professional
▼This medicinal product is subject to additional monitoring. This will allow quick identification of new safety information.
All adverse events should be reported. For medical information, to report an adverse event or product complaint please contact